International Bioinformatics Day

Instructions & Guidelines for authors

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations accepted for the event will be included in the book of abstracts.

Recommended plan for abstracts:

Based on their scientific quality and relevance to the Day topics, the abstract will be either accepted for publication in the Book of Abstracts or rejected. The Book of Abstracts will distributed to the participants at the registration both in hard-copy and electronic versions.

The abstract should be typewritten for A4 format paper, maximum one page for all contributions:
• Font:"Time New Roman" characters with: 12pt for the text, 14pt Bold for the title, 10pt for the names of the authors, 10pt underlined for the principal author (communicant), 10pt italic for the addresses of the authors.
• Paragraphs: Single line spacing. A single left empty between two consecutive paragraphs.
• Margins: Top and Bottom: 2.5 cm; Left and Right: 1.5 cm. Please respect the margins.
• Citations: Times New Roman, 12 pt. Cite references using square brackets [1-4]. Examples of the format to be used are given below.

The abstract should be structured on one page describing:
- the purpose
- the main materials and methods used
- the main results obtained
- the main conclusions of the work
- the keywords: (maximum 6 words)
- the acknowledgments: This work was supported by ….
- the references :
[1] A. Author, B. Author, and C. Author, Journal, Volume, Page (Year).
[2] A. Author, Title of Book, Publisher, City (Year).
[3] A. Author and B. Author, Conference, Dates, City, Country, Page (Year).

The abstract must be saved in Word format (according to the proposed model) and named:


The authors are invited to submit their abstracts online by the « Submission System ».

The abstract template and the registration form can be downloaded here: English , French

• Please send a SINGLE email containing the file "registration form + Abstract".
• Only one contribution per participant is accepted. No exceptions will be granted.

Oral communications

The total time assigned to an oral presentationis 10 minutes, where the last 2-3 minutes shouldbekept for answering questions.We kindly ask you for your understanding and for your cooperation in keeping the schedule.

Please bring your presentations on a USB memory stick. Presentations must beprovided as a PowerPoint or PDF file. The presentations are expected to follow standard scientific presentation practices. No specific templates or guidelines for presentation are expected.

Poster Presentations

The maximum poster size is 60 cm (width) x 85 cm (height). A poster template is available here.
The posters are grouped by theme and displayed throughout the event in the spaces provided for this purpose.Given the limited number of panels, it is essential that all posters are printed in the appropriate format.
Posters must be hang-up and be in place before the begin of each poster session.
Each poster board is marked with a poster ID-number. Please find your poster ID-number in the final Program (printed or PDF version).
Authors are required to stand by their posters during the whole poster session.


Presentations can be in French or in English. However, PowerPoint (PPT) supports for all oral and poster communications must be written in English.